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Strategic Travel Management, 360°


Cost reduction

Analytical Reports
Hotel Program Management
Supplier Price Benchmarking
Global Compacts

Employee reporting

Reporting Automation
Importing Data into the
Client's Financial System
Fraud Prevention

Payment system

Accounting for Client's Cost Centres
Flexible Workflow
Safety Certification
Lending Instruments

Before the trip

Electronic Authorization
Dynamic Travel Policy
Traveler Preferences


Travel Policy Control
Experienced Agents
Online Checkout Option
Minimum Fare Guarantee
Quality Control System

During the trip: safety

Support in 140 Countries
Change Notifications
Emergency Service
Business Continuity Plan

Figures and facts

100 employees

organize more than 100,000 business trips and more than 3,000 events each year.

4 locations

located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

140 countries of the world

Support in over 140 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE.

1.5-2.0 million $ / per year

a record investment in technology for Russian business travel.

award "Best Employer of Russia",

Microsoft nomination and dozens of professional awards


We are proud to say that of all the TMCs in Russia, leading world corporations have chosen ATH as a partner. This reflects the high esteem our company and its staff are held in.

In 2007, we were the first in Russian business travel to offer large companies tools to control and reduce their costs.

As part of the Travel Partner Network network, we provide clients with the technology and prices that local agencies cannot.

We don't simply talk about quality; we know how to measure it. ATH's integrated NPS quality score is above 60. This is comparable to world leaders such as Apple, Amazon and Marriott.

For more than 30 years, ATH has been the undisputed leader in the issuing of visas for Russian and foreign employees of our clients.

Our MICE department professionals combine their unique technology, creativity, and wealth of experience in event organising to provide clients with the best services.


We organize over 8,000 trips per month for leading Russian and international companies.

Quality control and minimum price tools allow you to guarantee the perfect organization of all your trip details whilst saving money to spend on your company.
The unique technological platform GATE® helps to fully automate client’s business processes, track quality parameters and costs in real time, whilst also providing customer support anywhere in the world around the clock including during holidays and on weekends.

We have the largest number of accreditations in foreign embassies, which allows our clients to obtain visas without a personal presence.

With more than 30 years of experience in obtaining Russian visas and work permits for foreign citizens, we are able to offer highly reliable services with a quick turnaround.
ATH has its own unique technology that allows you to control every stage of the order process. Our technology has a daily updated knowledge base and a real-time customer information system.

We were the first in Russia to implement the best event management platform that allows you to manage budgets and lists in real time.

We also allow you to create a website and mobile application for each event, provide a real-time program and use analytical reports to evaluate the effectiveness of events. The combination of unique technology and an experienced professional team allows us to organize more than a thousand events a year around the world. From sending a small group of top managers to South Africa or having a round table meeting in the Moscow region, to interesting incentive programs in Istanbul or organising group conferences in the Dominican Republic for a thousand participants we have got you covered.

Business travel consulting today is a unique and well-established ATH service in the Russian market.

We are well aware of the pitfalls our customers face when searching for the perfect price-quality balance and are ready to answer their most difficult questions.
ATH's own consulting department, is a team of professional analysts who strive for continuous optimization and control of their clients’ expenses.
We are ready to conduct a full audit of your business travel expenses and give recommendations on how to optimize them.

ATH became the first TMC to offer strategic business travel management services in Russia.

Strategic management is already used in many industries - real estate, information technology, legal services, accounting, air transport and many other industries where specialization is required. Now it has come to the business travel industry.

Our clients

Trusted by over 300 companies.
More than 20% of the companies represented in Russia appear in the Forbes list.